New Year Resolution

new year resolution

December is here and one of the most asked questions of the human race is what is your New Year Resolution.
Well how did it start, who started it and do we really make the resolution and live up to it??

Hey Friends! This is Dvinesilky with yet another dis-topic as in Discussion Topic which we have on our plate.
Well, New Year is approaching and you can feel the chilly air around and the sense of Plum Cake as it precedes New Year.
Christmas knocks on our door and We are all thrilled that the Cake carnival festival is on.

But yeah, we all start introspecting the year, the good, the bad and the things which were left untouched in your list.
So why do we have a List, what changes apart from the Year column in our Date format and why is there the concept of Resolution.

year 2020
The year 2020

Well according to the Definition in Wikipedia, we have :

” A New Year resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life.”

So we now get that it was a tradition but do we really think that the resolution concept should be implemented just for the sake of tradition?
We tend to create these resolutions to provide structure to our lives.
Like for example, a person who is not a morning person would make a resolution that s/he will start waking up early in the morning.
A person who is running a business will have a resolution that I need to reach a particular number of sales figures.
A person who is in Job would think of buying a house by the end of next year.
And best of all, girls think that they will start taking care of myself and maybe reduce some weight by the end of the next year (Girls’ I tell you)!

New Year Resolution
New Year Resolution

So the thing is we worry about the future all the time, planning it, trying to predict the future, trying to make it in a certain way.
We don’t realize that the future is our home of deepest fear and our wildest thoughts. It proves the point that one must have always an alternative so that if one plan does not stick then go for another one. Because it is never the same as we imagine it.
I do agree that we spend a lot of time calculating the things we should do to reach our desire or our plan.

It is a good concept but the thing is why should we wait for the arrival of New Year and why not Monthly Resolution or Weekly Resolution.
It is a good practice that we should try and bring change in our daily routine to pursue a better living but at the same time, we should not wait for a particular day or time to do that.
In fact, we should start taking up things, making changes right when you feel there is a need for it.

So no point waiting for the whole year to try something new or buy something you desire for the following year.
Make the most of what you can every year, and maybe don’t try and be so particular about reaching the destination.
Enjoy the journey and Focus on the Next step rather than completing the Bigger Picture.

“Have a Happy New Year Folks!! Enjoy and wait for my next Dis-Topic “

Writing is an Art


Many people believe that Writers are born with creative skills.
However, I believe that Writers could be made depending on various life factors.

Always think about the pitch

Always think about the pitch as in how one will create interest in the story.
The idea is that your audience should be stuck to your content.

spice up your writing
spice up your writing

Points to Remember while Writing a Content

Original Content

Goodness of Almonds


Almonds have great benefits for all.
Provides Nourishment, Strength and Glowing Skin.

beginning of almonds


How Almonds are Created

Birth Of Almonds

Almonds are the seeds which is been produced using plants.(Please ignore the facts)

Interesting Recipes Of Almonds

 Almond Halwa (Badam Halwa/Kada Prasad)

badam halwa

Well this is one of the most famous and tasty dessert of all times.
It’s like you build a connection with It.I remember when my family first shifted to Delhi, we went to Gurudwara as we were living in MotiBagh area of Delhi. Also, my mother is kind of very religious by nature. I was a girl of 6 standard and all could think of at that age was food.
So we were standing in queue after the prayer and that was the first time in when this hot piece of kada prasad as they say was given to me.
I was on another level.The taste was mouthwatering and I went straight for my next round. Since then I was always eager to go to Gurudwara where my selfish reason of having the kada prasad was on top of my mind.