Goodness of Almonds


Almonds have great benefits for all.
Provides Nourishment, Strength and Glowing Skin.

beginning of almonds


How Almonds are Created

Birth Of Almonds

Almonds are the seeds which is been produced using plants.(Please ignore the facts)

Interesting Recipes Of Almonds

 Almond Halwa (Badam Halwa/Kada Prasad)

badam halwa

Well this is one of the most famous and tasty dessert of all times.
It’s like you build a connection with It.I remember when my family first shifted to Delhi, we went to Gurudwara as we were living in MotiBagh area of Delhi. Also, my mother is kind of very religious by nature. I was a girl of 6 standard and all could think of at that age was food.
So we were standing in queue after the prayer and that was the first time in when this hot piece of kada prasad as they say was given to me.
I was on another level.The taste was mouthwatering and I went straight for my next round. Since then I was always eager to go to Gurudwara where my selfish reason of having the kada prasad was on top of my mind.